“Discere ne cessa, cura sapientia crescat”– Catone

Infragas: Infrared Catalytic + Infrared RHT

RHT, Radiant High Temperature, is the Infragas pre-mixed gas burner capable of reaching a maximum surface temperature of 950°C for pre-heat processes or quick thermal treatment such as in the sector of powder coating melting. Combined with the infrared catalytic INFRAGAS gas emitters, the RHT is the solution to give a complete IR thermal treatment on metal parts painted with different types and colors of powder.

The RHT is adjustable from 100% to 50% of the power and ready to be installed. Safety, durability and high density of power are the key points of the short wavelength Infragas radiant emitter.

The infrared radiation of the RHT is performing in heating up molds, melting powder coating, dry different substrates, increase temperature in already existing systems.
New conquered frontiers: RHT 9c, 90 kW on more than 3 meters of radiating surface. Unexpected applications with the infrared gas radiant RHT.

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